Samantha Anders, PhD, LP is a psychologist licensed in the state of Minnesota.

Education & Training

I received my BA in psychology from Carleton College. I completed a PhD in counseling psychology at the University of Minnesota, in its top-ranked, American Psychological Association (APA) Accredited doctoral program. During my capstone clinical training year, I completed an internship at the Veteran’s Affairs Medical Center in Albuquerque, NM. I then completed a post-doctoral fellowship at the Brain Sciences Center at the Minneapolis Veteran’s Affairs Medical Center.

I strive to have a high level of competence in my work as a practitioner. To that end, I have received specialized training in many therapeutic practices: career counseling and assessment; cognitive behavior therapy for insomnia; dialectical behavior therapy; prolonged exposure and cognitive processing therapies for PTSD; tobacco cessation; and cognitive behavior therapy. I have an on-going interest in mindfulness and mind-body interventions and frequently use these techniques in my practice. I have received advanced training in Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Insomnia at the University of Pennsylvania. I was a counselor and the coordinator at the Career Counseling and Assessment Clinic at the University of Minnesota during graduate school, and I currently co-direct the clinic. I enjoy helping people find careers that they are passionate about. I am also a Senior Clinical Psychologist who treats insomnia and other sleep disorders with behavioral interventions at Hennepin Healthcare’s Minnesota Regional Sleep Disorder Center.

Additional Professional Activities

I work as a consulting psychologist for psychological research projects, conducting clinical interviews, reviewing and evaluating research articles, and revising original manuscripts for publication.

I am adjunct faculty member in the University of Minnesota’s Psychology Department and am love doing seminars and lectures for businesses, educational centers, and community organizations.